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Transform your living room with the latest IPTV technology

on-demand entertainment, internet browsing and full access

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Today’s latest entertainment technology is CipherTV


Video Conferencing & Presentation

Use Skype, Google Hangout or other video conferencing apps to connect to another living room or board room. CipherTV works great for powerpoint presentations and can connect directly into a projector using HDMI or A/V input.

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Live TV Free, On-Demand Movies

Watch over 40 local TV channels free* for 1-year PLUS select from 300+ premium channels* available on subscription plans AND access thousands of TV and movie apps through Google Play. 


Stream TV to Mobile

Buy CipherTV bar for your large TV and install our Android app to watch your TV channels directly on your tablet and mobile devices.

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Buy Online Today

Use our secure online checkout to order the CipherTV Bar with Paypal or credit card.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe in customer satisfaction and we stands by our products. Our customer receive a 30 day money back guarantee on all  CipherTV bar purchase. CipherTV bar comes with a 1 year warranty and extra warranty up to 4 years can be purchase. Click here for details.